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Happy World Animal Day to our fellow petlovers!

World Animal Day has become an international celebration for animal rights and welfare. The day started modestly almost 100 years ago, but today, the movement is a global force to make the world a better place for all animals.

Did you know this about World Animal Day?

World Animal Day is also known as ‘Animal Lovers Day’ as it encourages love, care, affection for animals. But it’s not only a day where we give our beloved pet an extra treat, It brings together the animal welfare movement, actually something a lot of people don’t know. We feel we need to make you aware of this fact, because with this day also action is required. Together we can make a change.

At Yarrah we are committed to and passionate about making tasty pet food of the very best quality, by treating animals well and without causing an unnecessary environmental impact. We want to make the right choices without compromise, even if that is not always the easiest way. That’s why we choose organic. Organic farmers are required to meet a strict set of standards, ensuring that animals are given space and fresh air and are fed high quality food.

Treating animals well

We only use slow-growing chickens that live on an organic farm with an indoor area, an outdoor run and a winter garden or a covered outdoor area. This allows the chickens to scratch around both inside and outside. There are two sheds of 600m2 each. Outside, each chicken has about 4m2 of space on average.

Our quality manager visits all farms to do checks from time to time. Because trusting all the certificates of a farm is good, but he wants to check it personally as well to do quality checks. He also checks the feed source during the visit. The feed for the chickens is completely organic and produced by the farmer himself, with 50% of the ingredients sourced locally.

Our cattle also live well and have a lovely big pasture to graze. Organic cattle are not supplemented and only eat grass (so-called grass-fed cattle) and drink rainwater. The meat of organic grass-fed cattle contains four times more Omega 3 and more vitamin E (the most efficient natural antioxidant) than meat from cattle from the regular sector. Again, our quality manager visits regularly to carry out checks.

Let’s pledge for organic on World Animal Day!

Today is a day we want to celebrate with our most loyal and friendly friends but it’s also a day where we can reflect and take action to make sure our these speechless creatures live their best lives.

We want to challenge you to make a pledge. Big or small, every step counts. Remember, small changes make a big difference.

Why and how?

But why pledge for organic on a day that is all about animals? By opting for organic we can make a real difference in the fight against climate change and animal welfare. Nature friendly farming systems, like organic farms, have high animal welfare standards and work with the land, not against it. Grazing animals play an important part in nature friendly farming. They help keep soils healthy, locking in more carbon and helping plants and organisms to thrive. They also reduce the need for harmful chemical fertilizers as they naturally recycle nutrients into the soil.

Supporting organic farmers is a great way to do your bit to help protect our planet and for our beloved animals. Opt for organic today and grow into a lifestyle where organic is the norm. It doesn’t mean that you need to fully shift to organic at once, but choose a realistic goal for yourself. For example:
I will buy all my vegetables organic, or I will try replace one conventional product with an organic product every week... or I will buy organic pet food for my best friend (Yes, you saw that one coming right ;-))

Please leave a green heart comment on our social post if you will join the pledge.

Thank you for treating your pets with love and care, and working together with us on leaving the planet better than we found it.

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Organic cat food pâté in 3 tastes

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