How do I look after my cat? Tips for new cat-owners

Looking after a kitten/cat is a big responsibility that shouldn’t be underestimated. Taking care of an animal doesn’t just mean feeding it and giving it a place to sleep. It means giving your pet a home as well as the attention and food that it needs. A neglected cat will make a mess of your interior and an ill cat will cost a lot in vet’s bills.

Ensure appropriate vaccination

A cat needs certain vaccinations, particularly as a kitten. When the time comes for a repeat injection, then a simple blood test will reveal whether this is necessary. This test (titer test) is one capable of demonstrating whether or not your cat is (or is still) adequately protected from certain diseases. This will prevent unnecessary vaccinations.

Give your cat an identity

Never let your cat out without a collar with identification. Better still, get your cat chipped. After all, you’ll want to see your cat again if he accidentally falls asleep in someone’s car, won’t you?

Giving your cat food

Please do ensure that you give your cat the right food in the right quantities at the right times. A cat needs dry food to keep his teeth clean.

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