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Medium-sized dogs, the ideal breeds

Dogs come in many different shapes and sizes. If you don’t live in a large house with a big garden you should ideally consider medium-sized dog breeds. Medium dogs are those that measure between 30 and 50 centimetres high at the shoulder.

Medium-sized dogs tend to be very friendly and easygoing, making them particularly suitable for families. Here we discuss a few popular medium-sized dog breeds to help you choose the best breed for you!

Child friendly medium-sized dogs

Medium-sized dog breeds are a good choice if you have small children. Children will be less intimidated by a medium dog than by bigger dogs. Furthermore, children and medium-sized dogs tend to not get in each other's way as much.

For an active household, a Beagle is one of the most suitable medium-sized dog breeds. Beagles need a lot of exercise and benefit from the energy of young children. Let the children and the dog run around for an hour in the park and enjoy some time to yourself.

Households that prefer to take life easy also have plenty of choice when it comes to medium-sized dog breeds. An English bulldog would be the ideal choice. These medium-sized dogs are known for being lazy. An adult English bulldog sleeps between 12 and 14 hours a day and older dogs could sleep for up to 18 hours. Your children will probably also fall in love right away with the English bulldog’s adorable face.

Finally, another good choice for families is the Australian Shepherd. This medium-sized dog breed is slightly less active than the Beagle, but certainly not as lazy as an English bulldog. This breed is very playful, even after the puppy stage, making it ideal for a family with children. Furthermore, Australian Shepherds are known for being very curious and always getting involved in family activities.

There are, of course, many other medium-sized dog breeds that will fit in well with a family but these three are the most popular.

Medium sized dog breeds with long hair

If you don’t have any objections against cleaning up dog hair you might want to choose a medium-sized dog breed with long hair. These breeds look very cute, but don't forget that their coats require more attention than that of short-haired dogs.

The most popular long-haired medium dog breed is the English Cocker Spaniel. They have a beautiful glossy coat and long, furry ears. The English Cocker Spaniel was originally a hunting dog, but it is definitely also suitable for the urban home. However, you should keep in mind that they love to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Schnauzers have a furry head, while the rest of their body often has short hair. This medium-sized dog breed requires grooming every few weeks to prevent their fur from matting. For all this effort you will be rewarded with a very loyal and loving dog.

Of all the medium-sized dogs, the Keeshond is perhaps the least known, which is a pity. These dogs are sweet, clever and very attached to their owners. The biggest advantage of this long-haired breed is that they need relatively little grooming. A weekly brushing is usually enough to keep their coat in top condition and you won’t need the services of a dog groomer. Of all the long-haired medium dogs a Keeshond is the most suitable for an elderly person who is unable to manage a high-maintenance dog.

What are the best medium-sized dog breeds for me?

Before deciding on the best medium-sized dog breed for you, consider your circumstances and the dogs’ traits. Firstly, how active is the dog? If you don’t have time to exercise with your dog for an hour every day, rather choose a less active breed. This will prevent your dog from becoming naughty, restless and unhappy.

You should also think carefully about your household routines. Some medium dog breeds are very protective and not very fond of strangers. This could become a problem if you enjoy having friends and family over. Choose a breed known for being sociable if you have a lively household.

What do medium sized dogs eat?

One of the added benefits of medium dogs is that they eat far less than larger dogs. At Yarrah we know how much food dogs of different sizes need. This is why there is the choice of food and snacks for either smaller or larger dogs in our range. With medium-sized dogs you don’t have to worry. You can feed them with any of the products in our range without any concern about whether they are getting the correct nutrients or eating too much.

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