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New: organic and complete portion meals for cats

From week 28 onwards Yarrah’s new shredded filets in sauce will be introduced. The organic portion meals come in a handy light weighted pouch and are available in 3 flavours: beef, chicken and turkey.

Complete, nutritious and highly appetising wet food for your cat with organic meat. Only pure and certified organic food, which means there are no added chemical fragrances, colourants and flavours, pesticides and GMO, and no added sugar. Only the most digestible sources of protein have been carefully selected to make sure cats gets exactly what they needs.

What makes these new filets in sauce so special?

These 85 grams pouch meals contain organic beef, chicken and turkey shredded pieces of meat in a delicious sauce. This is a complete meal for your cat which holds all necessary vitamins. Next to this meat, pea protein is added. Pea protein provides an extra source of fibre.

Yarrah recommends feeding cats wet food, especially with a sauce like in this pouch. Wet food contains a fair amount of moisture, which helps to keep cats hydrated. Older cats and those that have difficulty drinking enough will benefit greatly from adding wet food to their daily meal.

High quality food, low strain on nature

We make tasty pet food of the highest quality, without putting unnecessary strain on the planet. That’s why our entire range is certified organic and we source all ingredients ourselves.

Human, animal and nature

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