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Small dogs - the ideal breeds

Small dog breeds are popular among those who want a loyal companion but don’t have much room in their home. But make no mistake, a dog’s size says nothing about their personality. Even tiny dogs could still be quite a handful.

Here we discuss the characteristics of a few of the most popular dogs that are small.


When you mention dogs that are small, most people will think of Chihuahuas right away. This is the smallest dog breed in the world. Chihuahuas stand between 15 to 25 cm tall at the shoulder and weigh 0.5-3 Kg.

They are extremely cute, despite their pointy ears and bulging eyes. They do, however, have a very protective streak and are quick to bark ferociously at strangers and other dogs.

The breed's popularity reached its peak in the late 1990 and many famous women carried their little dogs around everywhere in expensive designer bags. This is actually not necessary at all, because Chihuahuas like to walk around and need a lot of exercise. There are both long-haired and short-haired Chihuahuas and both types require minimal grooming.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

On average a King Charles Spaniel measures about 30 cm at the shoulder and they generally weigh no more than 8 Kg. This breed is particularly suitable if you have never had a dog before because they are very easy to train.

However, you should keep in mind that they love being outside and should be taken out often. You also need to brush their coat twice a week.

Compared to other small dog breeds, they bark very little and are definitely not recommended if you need a guard dog. They prefer spending all their time with the family and children. Furthermore, other pets are no problem and they will also enjoy playing with other dogs when outdoors.

Yorkshire Terrier

The average Yorkshire Terrier weighs about 3 Kg and grows to a maximum height of 25 cm.. This breed is probably the most feisty of all the dogs that are small. You are bound to notice that they are completely unaware of their small stature. They will try to protect their family even when faced by a huge dog.

Training a Yorkshire Terrier is very important, otherwise you might end up with a very anxious and aggressive pet. However, if you take enough time to challenge these dogs you will discover that they are very intelligent and quick learners.

Jack Russell

Jack Russels are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United Kingdom and their popularity has been growing recently. An adult dog weighs about 7Kg and they grow to a maximum of 35cm at the shoulder.

Before you bring a Jack Russell into your home, keep in mind that these dogs have levels of energy that an average large dog will find difficult to keep up with. Jack Russels were originally bred for hunting and they will always be tempted to chase after everything. Unless you train them well you might be unable to call them back.

This little dog is not the ideal choice for a novice owner or if you have limited time to exercise your dog. You could easily underestimate how much work they require. If you don't give them enough attention and exercise you might end up with a very temperamental pet. With the right training, however, you will have a loving and energetic companion.

The right food for dogs that are small

Despite what many believe, small dogs need quite a lot of calories. They will obviously eat less than large dogs because they are smaller, but small dogs burn relatively more calories than bigger dogs.

Yarrah's Organic Small Breed dog food with organic chicken, MSC fish and peas has been specially developed for dogs that are small. It contains 385 kcal per 100 grams, which is enough to provide small dogs with their energy needs. Best of all, all Yarrah's dog food is purely organic and has no chemical fragrances, colours, flavours, pesticides or GMOs.

For treats we have also considered small dog breeds. Yarrah’s mini snacks for dogs with 97% meat are so small that even the smallest dogs can chew them with ease. The vegetarian dog biscuits for small dogs with organic spinach, seaweed and spirulina are also ideal for pampering any dogs that are small.

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