The costs of dog food: an (un)fair comparison

When comparing the prices of various brands of dog food, the differences are sometimes huge. “There’s no way I’m paying 4 euros a kilo! I’ll just get my food from the supermarket and then it won’t even cost one euro a kilo.”

Yet this isn’t a fair way of comparing the different types of food. Take a look at what’s actually in the bag that costs 2 euros a kilogramme, and you’ll be amazed at what it does and doesn’t contain. Some dog food kibbles only contain 4% meat and not even in all of the kibbles. What it actually says verbatim is that there’s 4% chicken in the round kibbles. The other shapes don’t even contain any meat!

More readily digestible

Premium or superior dog food is much more readily digestible. Your dog will need less food and get more energy. At the end of the day, then, you’ll be getting more value for money.

There’s a little trick to see whether the food you’re giving your dog is readily digestible (or otherwise). If you take your dog for a walk four times a day and he needs to do his business each and every time, then the food is not being properly digested. Passing stools once or twice a day is a good indication that your dog is absorbing enough nutrients and that the food is therefore being properly digested.

PS The meat content of Yarrah’s dry food is always above 20%!

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