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The difference between "Organic" and "Natural" explained

The terms organic and natural are often confused with each other, but what is the difference?

Organic pet food

You may only call a product organic when it is made from organically certified raw materials. These certificates are not given to you just like that, you have to be able to provide various types of evidence:

  • No use of pesticides or hormones;
  • The production animals have more space and a longer life and are fed organically;
  • There are no chemical odourings, colourings or flavourings in the final product.

Natural pet food

Natural' is a much more general term. The producers of natural food will undoubtedly have the best interests of the production animals and the environment at heart, but they cannot prove it by means of certificates.

You could say: organic is always natural, but natural is not always organic.

Difference between "Organic" and "Natural

Topic Organic Natural
Animals have plenty of indoor space and go outside? Yes Unknown
Beak trimming of chickens allowed? No Unknown
Animals are fed GMO? No Yes
Preventive use of antibiotics? No Unknown
Not tested on animals? Yes Unknown
Quality mark? Yes No
3-star "Better Life" label Yes No
Feed free from BHA/BHT? Yes Unknown
Does it contain overfished fish or is the way of fishing or farming too harmful for nature? No Unknown
Human, animal and nature
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