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Cats that don’t shed or shed very little

Why would one want to consider cats that don’t shed much, or not at all? You might be allergic to cats or would love to have a cat but don’t like the idea of cat hair all over your home. You don’t have any inclination to vacuum daily or to always brush your clothes before you go out.

Cats that don’t shed are your answer. Here you can learn about some popular breeds of cats that shed the least.

Are cats that don’t shed suitable for those with allergies?

An allergy to cats, it is not only caused by the cat’s hair, but also by the allergens in their dander, saliva and urine. Even with a hairless cat some might still have an allergic reaction. However, people who experience only a mild allergic reaction to cats could live comfortably with the cats that don’t shed.

The opposite is also true. Being in an environment where a cat sheds a lot of hair, that is also covered in their saliva, could lead to a more severe allergic reaction in those who usually only experience mild symptoms. Cats that shed the least are therefore not necessarily a solution for everyone who is allergic to cats.

Sphynx cats

When one talks about cats that don’t shed the Sphynx immediately comes to mind. These cats look very different because they are completely hairless.

Keep in mind that the Sphynx breed poses its own challenges. The skin releases sebum and you could sometimes get spots on your furniture. You also need to keep their environment warm all the time. In other words, if you are looking for a low maintenance cat this breed will not be the right choice for you.

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthairs have a thick and dense coat which means that they don’t shed much hair. You should, however,still groom them about once every two weeks to remove any loose hair.

With their flat nose and round head these cats look like Persians but, in terms of shedding these two breeds are very different. Exotic Shorthairs are classified among the cats that shed the least.

Although the grumpy look in their eyes might make you believe otherwise, this breed enjoys a lot of love and attention. They are very laid-back and adapt easily to new environments.

Russian Blue

Of all the cats that shed the least, the Russian Blue is perhaps the most popular. But, because of their popularity, you will need to dig deep into your pocket if you want one of these cats that don’t shed much.

Russian Blues have periods of 2-3 weeks, during spring and autumn, when they do lose hair but during the rest of the year they shed very little.

They are very curious by nature, but also easygoing and relaxed. You will also find them easy to train if you would like to teach them some tricks. Russian Blues have a muscular build and an elegant stature and will certainly attract a lot of attention in your neighborhood!


When you see a Burmese you probably wouldn’t think that this breed belongs on the list of cats that shed the least because they have a very plush coat. The reason why they are cats that don’t shed much is that their hair doesn’t get tangled easily and therefore doesn’t fall out as quickly.

Burmese have a very gentle nature and get along well with other pets and children. They also become very attached to their owners and you will quickly have a friend for life.

What you can do to reduce shedding

Fortunately there are a few things you can do to reduce the amount of cat hair on your furniture and clothing. So if you already have a cat and find that you are allergic to them you don’t have to find a new home right away.

To start with, you can prevent your cat from spreading a lot of hair around the house by brushing them regularly. You need to do this especially in spring and autumn when the cat’s coat is replaced with one suited to the coming season.

Any loose hair that you brush out represents less hair shed around your home. However, don’t brush your cat too much as this stimulates more hair growth and will make shedding worse. Use a brush that is specially designed to remove loose hairs.

The correct diet can also help to prevent hair loss in cat’s. Kibble or wet food with a high content of omega 3 and 6 will improve your cat's coat. This is not only suitable for reducing normal shedding but also for cats who might be losing too much hair. If you decide to try this advice, feed the same food for a while. It could take up to three months before you will be able to notice whether your cat is losing less hair.

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