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Healthy snacks for dogs

A reward or a tasty snack in between meals; you may want to spoil your dog with a treat every now and then. But you don’t want to increase the risk of weight gain. Here are our tips for tasty yet healthy snacks for dogs.

Should I be giving my dog treats?

Of course, you are feeding your dog its daily portion of food. A food calculator allows you to determine the right amount for your dog. This is important, because you want to avoid overeating which would cause overweight and the need to lose weight. You can give your dog some snacks as a reward or a treat in addition to its regular diet. When spending a lot of time training your dog and using treats as a reward, make sure the treat isn’t too big and doesn’t contain too many calories, as you will probably be giving your dog more than one treat. Feel free to give it a slightly more sizeable treat when using it as an incidental snack in between meals.

What to keep in mind when giving your dog treats?

You should keep some things in mind when it comes to feeding snacks to your dog. As mentioned above, the reasons and frequency matter. Treats used to reward your dog while training it, should be smaller than a snack in between meals. The age of your dog is important as well. Some snacks are suitable for all ages, but others are not ideal for pups or older dogs with reduced kidney function. Another factor to keep in mind is how active a dog you’ve got. If it gets a lot of exercise, an extra snack might be a good idea. And finally, take the dog’s size into account as well. Large dogs eat more than small dogs; choose a smaller snack for your small dog, or break it up into pieces.

Dog with Yarrah biscuits snack

Examples of healthy snacks for dogs

Yarrah offers a number of healthy snacks for dogs. These snacks are 100% organic and free of artificial additives. All our dog treats at a glance:

Organic mini snack – these grain-free snacks consist of 97% meat. They are suitable for dogs of all ages. Since these snacks are small, they make for an excellent reward when training your dog.
Organic chewsticks – these chew treats are suitable for all ages too. You can give them whole as a large snack or break them up into pieces.
Organic vegetarian dog biscuits – Yarrah offers its vegetarian dog biscuits in two varieties: one for larger dogs and one for smaller dogs. These biscuits make for a perfect snack for dogs that are sensitive to animal-based proteins or for dog owners who want to feed their dog less or no meat.
Organic chicken necks – these dog treats consist of 100% organic chicken neck. These snacks are tasty and beneficial for the dog’s dental hygiene. They help remove dental plaque by scraping the dog’s teeth. This snack is suitable for dogs of all ages.

Fun fact: The chew treats are dried using heat produced by generators in the factory while manufacturing other products, making it an environmentally friendly snack!

Organic mini snack for dogs

Organic chewsticks for dogs

Organic chicken necks for dogs


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