How much food do I need to give my cat and how often?

A newborn kitten enjoys milk from its mother. It won’t need anything else. After four weeks, a kitten can try a small quantity of wet food. As all our products are free of any artificial additives, the chances of developing one or more allergies at a later stage in life are actually negligible.

Switching to dry food

At six weeks old a kitten can start on dry food. Yarrah Grain free kibble in combination with the Pate with Salmon is a perfect combination to start with. Don’t give him all the food at once, but spread it over five small portions and stagger these throughout the day. At 7-8 weeks a kitten can be fully switched over to Yarrah dry food. Please do ensure that there’s always a bowl of fresh drinking water to accompany the food. Your cat needs dry food to chew on, so never give him wet food only. Dry food is good for maintaining the teeth and gums.

It’s said that cats eat exactly what they need. If that’s true, then why is it that there are so many overweight cats? Please read the instructions on the label and give your cat what it needs. Obviously a very active cat will need slightly more than a lazy couch potato of a cat. The best thing to do is to spread the food over two meals.

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