How to switch dog food?

Did the breeder feed your pup something else than what you want to feed it? Or do you want to switch to a different dog food? Make sure you do it properly to allow your dog to get used to it. We will explain how to go about it.

Slow transition

A dog needs to get used to its food, that is why it is recommended not to switch dog food too often. It is also important that you give your dog enough time to get used to the new food. If you want to switch your dog over to Yarrah, replace the current type of food with a comparable type of Yarrah food. On the first and second day, you mix 75% of the current food with 25% Yarrah, on the third and fourth day you make it 50-50, and on the fifth and sixth day you mix 75% Yarrah with the current food. This allows your dog to switch dog food within a week.

Problems while switching dog food

Dietary changes can also trigger behavioural changes in your dog. It may start eating a bit less. No need to worry; Yarrah dog food is very high-quality and your dog is getting everything it needs. In addition, the faeces may be a bit thinner during the first few days. This will pass eventually.

Tips for switching dog food

  • Is your dog experiencing digestion problems with its current food? Switch it over from one day to the next (for example to Yarrah Sensitive) without the gradual transition process. It may continue suffering from gastrointestinal problems for the first days up to two weeks, but it will get better and pass quickly.
  • Is your dog suffering from allergies and is that the reason why you are switching to a specific type of food, for example to Yarrah Vega Grain-Free food? Do not feed it any additional snacks while transitioning to Yarrah. It may cause the problems to persist for a longer period of time.
  • Does your dog have a feline housemate that you would like to transition to different food as well? Check the tips for switching cat food.

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