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Switching cat food: do it gradually

If you want to switch cat food, it is important that your cat gets used to it gradually. Especially picky cats or cats with health problems require a gradual transition to their new diet. Here are some tips about how to transition slowly.

Why switch cat food gradually?

If you’ve been giving your cat the same food for years, it will have grown accustomed to it. As a result, it may struggle to finish a serving of its new food. If you’ve already been giving your cat different types of food, switching cat food will prove easier, but it is still a good idea to take a gradual approach; cats are creatures of habit. Especially switching from food that contains artificial flavour enhancers to the organic food by Yarrah can prove a challenge.

Prior to starting the gradual transition

Provide a clean and stress-free environment, this prevents your cat from getting distracted while eating and it will be more inclined to have a taste of its new food.

Step 1: replace 25% of the current food with the new food

Once you’ve decided to switch to different food, start by mixing 25% of the new Yarrah food with 75% of the current food. Do this two days in a row.

Step 2: half and half!

Has your cat been eating the new food? Time for half and half: 50% new, 50% old. Once again, two days in a row. Has your cat been leaving the Yarrah kibble over the first two days? Do not increase the proportion just yet. Your cat will need a bit more time to get used to its new food.

Step 3: time for 75% new food

If your cat has been finishing the portion of new Yarrah food, you can increase the percentage to 75% and decrease the old food to 25%. Once again, do this two days in a row. Is it still refusing to eat the new kibble? Increase the percentage of new food at a lower pace.

Step 4: Fully transitioned!

Congrats, it is time for 100% Yarrah food! The old food is now a thing of the past. In order to make your cat less picky it can help to vary the food every now and then, for example by opting for different flavours.

Switching in 7 days

Here are some more tips about switching to different cat food. Does your cat have a canine housemate? You will find the tips for switching dog food here.

Exception: switching to different food because of a diet

If your cat needs to switch to different cat food because of a diet, the vet will tend to recommend that you switch to diet food right away. Follow your vet’s recommendation instead of our gradual transition plan.

Want to switch to healthier food? Check out the essential nutrients for your cat here.

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