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Pet food quality labels: what do they mean?

Not only food for humans can come with a quality label. There are quality labels for pet food as well, such as the Better Life label for meat or the ‘organic’ label. We will explain what quality labels exist and which ones Yarrah maintains.

Pet food quality labels

Quality labels provide information on a certain product or its ingredients. They inform you as a consumer about the product you buy. For example, when you want to improve the world around you and keep your pet in a sustainable way, you may opt for animal food with specific quality labels.

Organic label

Yarrah pet food as the ‘organic’ quality label. Organic is a protected term; a product must meet certain conditions in order to be labelled ‘organic’. The product and the entire production process must meet strict requirements. For example, no chemical fertilizer or artificial pesticides may be involved anywhere in the production process. In addition, the product must be free of synthetic preservatives, aromas, colorants and flavours. These rules, and many others, were drafted by the European Union.

Want to learn more about the term organic and the organic quality label? Read all about it in the article: What does organic mean and what is organic food?

Meat quality label

The meat that Yarrah adds to its food has a Better Life label with three stars, the maximum number of stars. The Better Life label is the Dutch Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ quality label, aimed at improving the lives of chicken, cows and pigs. Yarrah has been committed to this quality label since 2015 which made it the first pet food brand to adopt it. In addition, all the meat Yarrah uses is manufactured organically.

Learn more about the organic chicken meat in Yarrah pet food.
Learn more about the organic beef in Yarrah pet food.

Did you know… Yarrah pet food contains exactly the right amount of meat for your pet? Not more, not less. We could increase the meat content, but that isn’t necessary. Considering the discussion around excessive meat consumption and its negative climate impact, Yarrah decided not to add any more meat than necessary!

Fish quality label

There are quality labels for fish as well. Yarrah uses fish with an MSC quality label, which guarantees sustainably caught fish. This is a conscious choice since MSC fish had a better life than fish that was organically farmed. The blog ‘MSC fish instead of organic fish’ will tell you all about this decision and the reasoning that motivates it.

Yarrah has other quality labels in addition to those mentioned above, such as animal testing-free food, vegetarian food, food safety (ISO 22000) and social and environmental aspects (B Corp). Want to learn more? Check out the overview of all our certificates.

Pay attention to the label

Now that you know a bit more about quality labels, you will understand what the logos printed on the product label mean. Perhaps you will be able to make a more conscious choice when buying food for your pet. If you want to make a sustainable choice, consider the differences between wet food and kibble.

Tip: your pet has an ecological footprint too. Perhaps you have already been making more conscious, sustainable choices for yourself, but did you know you can do the same for your pet? We provide tips in the article ‘How sustainable is my pet and how can I contribute?’

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