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Purchasing a puppy – checklist

You probably can’t wait to welcome your new pup to the family, but there are a couple of things you need to pay close attention to before you do. Make an appointment to ensure you can inspect the situation the pup has been born into. With this checklist you will be prepared.

You are about to pick up your pup from a private owner or a breeder. Unfortunately, not everyone tends to the animals’ best interests and in some cases commercial breeders or traders are only in it for the money. For that reason, you need to take a close look at your future pup’s present home. Several things to pay attention to:


  • The mother

  • Make sure the mother is present and check how she is doing. Does she look healthy? Does she behave normally around her pups and does she respond to visitors without any shyness or fear? It is very important that the mother is present; pups are not allowed to be taken away from their mother during the first seven weeks because they still have a lot to learn from her during that time.

  • Home environment

  • Take a close look at the environment of the litter. Preferably, it is a home; puppies tend to become the most social when growing up in a homey situation. Of course, it is also important that the environment is clean and quiet around the litter.

  • Behaviour of the pups

  • A lot can be learned from the behaviour of the pups. Puppies that are healthy and used to people are not shy or fearful, but rather curious and upbeat. Fairly socialised pups respond well to noises in the house and are not distraught by unfamiliar sounds.

  • Paperwork

  • Chipping is mandatory. As a future owner, you’ll need to make sure the chip is properly registered in a veterinary database. In the case of a pedigree dog, ask for its pedigree certification, vaccine documentation or passport as well as paperwork with regards to the parents’ medical history and genetic disorders. Mixed breed puppies need to come with a dog passport as well, stating the vaccination dates.

Checklist for purchasing a puppy

Reliable breeder

Good and reliable breeders take their time to get to know you and will give you the time you need as well as the necessary advice for you to make the right decision. They will allow you to ask questions, as well as ask questions of their own since they want to make sure they find a proper home for their pups. Here you’ll find a comprehensive checklist for you to consult whenever inspecting a litter. Trust your instincts; if you sense something is wrong, better keep looking.

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