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Tasty yet healthy snacks for cats

Want to treat your cat with something tasty every now and then without running the risk of weight gain? Go for the following tasty yet healthy snacks for cats.

Spoiling snacks

Spoiling your cat with snacks is fun! Watch your cat have a good time when you hide a treat or when it tries to retrieve its favourite snack from a food puzzle. But make sure not to spoil your cat with tasty snacks too often. Many snacks are calorie-rich and contain colourants and sugar; ingredients that aren’t too healthy for your cat. Always check the ingredients and the recommended amount stated on the packaging.

cat eating a Yarrah chew stick

Tasty yet healthy snacks

If you want to reward or spoil your cat every now and then, go for these 100% organic snacks. Yarrah offers two varieties for cats:

Organic mini snacks for cats - these are small, grain-free cat snacks containing 97% organic meat. The snacks are made of pure ingredients, free of artificial additives, pesticides and GMOs and they come in a nifty resealable bag.

Organic chewsticks for cats - these delicious chewsticks are excellent snacks for spoiling your cat. The chewsticks consist of organic chicken and MSC fish; comprising a total of 95% pure meat. These treats only contain pure ingredients and are free of additives, pesticides and GMOs. You can offer the treat in one go or break it up into smaller pieces to multiply the fun.

Both snacks are suitable for all cat breeds and ages, from 6-month-old kittens to senior cats.

Fun fact: The chewsticks are dried using heat produced by generators in the factory while manufacturing other products, making it an environmentally friendly snack!

Just a treat

These snacks are tasty and healthy, but they are not intended for spoiling your cat multiple times every day. Keep it special and make sure it remains a real treat for your cat. Give your cat a snack once a week, for example, or use it to reward good behaviour (e.g. when playing outside). This will avoid the risk of overweight.

Organic cat food pâté with salmon

Organic cat food fillets with chicken in sauce

Organic chewsticks for cats

Organic mini snack for cats

Organic cat food fillets with beef in sauce

Organic cat food fillets with turkey in sauce


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