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What electric car models are suitable for dogs?

Electric cars are on the rise. The number of (fully) electric cars is increasing rapidly. When you’ve got a dog, there are some things you should keep in mind when buying an electric car. Here are some examples.

General car purchasing tips

Your dog may join you on a holiday or perhaps you like to take it out to the forest or the beach. As a dog owner, buying a car means making sure it will be comfortable and safe for your pet. Of course, there isn’t a single optimal car for every dog owner. What works best for you, depends on several factors including what type of dog you’ve got. You will probably transport a large dog in the trunk, a dog cage or by separating the trunk with a special fence. This requires a large car with a spacious trunk such as a station wagon. Smaller dogs are better off on the backseat, for example with a special harness attached to the seat belt. Make sure you consider how you will be transporting your dog in advance.

Did you know this? In France and the Netherlands, securing your dog while driving is not mandatory. In England and Italy, a dog is required to be secured with a seat belt, behind a net or in a dog cage. Countries like Germany and Belgium also require you to secure your dog, punishable by a fine.

Electric car for your dog

There are a lot of hybrid and electric cars on the market. Here are some examples of cars that are suitable for dogs, especially larger breeds. We analyse the amount of space as well as accessories or other functionalities relevant to dog owners.

Tesla (all models) – All Tesla models are fully electric and offer a so-called ‘Dog Mode’. Activating this mode will make sure the car remains airconditioned while parked, allowing you to safely leave your dog in the car. To prevent bystanders from smashing your window in order to rescue the dog, the dashboard shows a notification indicating that the dog is not in danger. Tesla model S and Tesla model X are the most spacious (when the two backseats are folded) which makes them best suited for large dogs.

Range Rover PHEV – Range Rover’s hybrid car comes with special accessories for dog owners, including a special gangway for the dog to enter and exit the car conveniently, a dog cage, a portable rinsing system and a spill-free water bowl.

Hyundai Kona (hybrid and electric) – This compact yet surprisingly spacious SUV has a spacious trunk for your dog. The car comes with several nifty options such as a luggage bin to protect your trunk and a dog fence to close off your trunk.

Volvo XC90 T8 Hybrid – This spacious hybrid by the Swedish brand Volvo offers a large trunk with ample room for your dog. It comes with various practical options to equip your trunk for a dog such as synthetic mats or bins and a safety rack, separation rack and a dog fence in order to create a safe, closed-off space for your dog.


When a car doesn’t come with specific options, that does not necessarily mean it is unsuitable for dogs. Harnesses, dog cages and other accessories for safe transportation of dogs are universally available. Do make sure that your dog will have plenty of room to move around and that the construction is safe. Usually, you’ll be able to find a suitable gangway as well. This is a useful purchase, especially for senior dogs who will find it more difficult to get into and out of the car on their own.

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