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Where to buy a cat?

Apart from choosing a cat, it’s important to consider where you’ll be buying it. Will you go for a kitten that you will be raising from scratch, or will you provide a cat from a shelter with a new home?

Where can I buy a cat?

  • Breeders

  • Going for a pedigree cat? Make sure you choose a reliable breeder. One that can provide the right paperwork. It is often easier to anticipate the character of a pedigree cat than in the case of a mixed breed. This can help make the right decision.

  • Newly born litter online

  • A lot of private owners offer newly born kittens online and on Facebook. Ask for their permission to drop by so you can see where the kitten has been growing up. Pay close attention to the environment and take a good look at the mother. Inspect the kitten for any fleas. Another important factor is whether the kittens are growing up indoors or outdoors; this can make a big difference when socialising the kitten.

  • Shelter

  • The upside of a shelter is that you know whether the cat has been vaccinated and/or sterilised/castrated. The caretakers can often tell you about the cat’s character. This will help figure out whether or not you are a good match. Plus, you help an animal that hasn’t been taken care of properly or was abandoned.

Cost differences when purchasing a cat

The cost of purchasing a kitten or adult cat will be different depending on where you end up buying it. Generally speaking, a kitten will cost more during the first year than an adult cat. This is due to vaccinations and potentially castration or sterilisation of the animal. Adult cats that have already been vaccinated, castrated or sterilised tend to be a bit more expensive to buy.

For more information about what to consider when buying a kitten or a cat, take a look here.

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