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Why does my cat meow so much?

Though a cat will often meow for attention, the behaviour may have a different cause such as boredom, loneliness, pain, discomfort or some kind of change that has been difficult to deal with. Here are some tips.

Meowing cat

Cats don’t tend to use their voice very often. But once they start meowing, it can be very loud and clear. There are all kinds of potential causes and reasons for a cat to meow. We will list some of them.

Before ascribing your cat’s behaviour to something specific, it is good to know that meowing behaviour can differ per individual cat and breed. Take Siamese cats for instance. They tend to meow a lot more than other cats. Has your cat always been meowing a lot? Odds are this is just part of your cat’s personality. But whenever you notice any changes over time, it is very important to pay close attention.

Is a cat that meows a lot in pain?

It is difficult to recognise the pain signals of a cat; meowing might be a signal, but usually it is not. Cats tend to suffer in silence. They will hide their pain from their environment to avoid looking vulnerable. Pay attention to how your cat meows and when. If your cat used to be quiet while doing its business but now it started to meow from the litterbox, you might be dealing with an underlying medical issue. When in doubt, always have your cat examined by a vet.

Meowing because it wants something

Everyone knows the sound of a cat meowing its lungs out in front of a closed door. This is a clear sign that your cat wants something; it wants to come inside. In other words: it is calling you. This behaviour should be especially familiar to you if you don’t have a cat flap. But cats can get pretty loud indoors as well. Pay attention to the timing of your cat’s meowing behaviour; it will help figure out what is going on. If the cat meows whenever you are in the kitchen, it is probably hungry or asking for a treat. If you don’t appreciate the behaviour, the only way to get rid of it is to simply ignore your meowing cat and be extremely consistent about it. Giving in just once, will teach it that meowing has a positive effect. It will even consider scolding a form of attention, so getting angry will not help eliminate any undesirable behaviour.

Loneliness and lack of challenge

Has your cat been meowing a lot when left alone? This is probably due to loneliness. A buddy (kittens tend to love company) or stimulations around the house can be really helpful. Provide enough opportunities for distraction and exercise. Play with your cat regularly; it will help you bond, it’s healthy and your cat will be tired by the time you leave the house. Now it can take a peaceful nap instead of worrying about you being gone. Read all about socialising your cat here.


Cats don’t like change. They are extremely stress-sensitive and prefer a fixed routine. Changes like relocation, a new roommate, partner or the arrival of a baby can trigger a cat to become more vocal. It is important to help your cat get comfortable with the new situation gradually. Make sure you also think about whether your own behaviour has changed much.

Another reason for a cat to start meowing is because they miss someone, such as another cat or an owner who used to have a strong bond with the cat. If the cat misses an owner, make sure to give it more attention and be extra nice.

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