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6 recommendations for a cat-friendly home

A cat-friendly home is a home that takes the cat into account. This includes a safe living environment, as well as one that provide enough stimuli to promote its mental and physical health alike.

1. Food and water

A cat-friendly home has food and water available at all times. Do not put the food bowl right next to the water bowl; a cat would never drink and eat in the same place in the wild. Also don’t put the food right next to the litter box. Cats do not like to eat next to their toilet. Check out more recommendations about installing a litter box at home.

2. Fresh air

Open the window on a regular basis. Fresh air adds new scents to the home which stimulates your cat. Many cat toys are infused with attractive scents for good reason. It stimulates the cat. Always pay close attention to safety when you open a window or (balcony) door.

recommendations for a cat friendly home

3. No poisonous plants

Houseplants are nice, but unfortunately many are also poisonous to cats. Usually a bite won’t hurt, but if your cat is eating it regularly, it may get gastrointestinal issues and even much more serious problems may arise. Make sure your cat can’t reach the plant or replace it with plants that are especially suitable for your cat. Such as catnip, ragweed, sage, thyme or parsley. These are herbs your cat can handle and nibble on without any reservations. Do make sure it doesn’t eat too much, especially the strong ragweed may cause cats to throw up.

4. A cat flap in a cat-friendly home

A cat flap is handy for a cat that is allowed to go outside, but it is not a must. It does allow your cat to go in and out of the house whenever it wants to. Cats do not like intruders; they will feel threatened when another cat enters their territory. A cat flap with a chip that only responds to your cat helps prevent this from happening. This will make sure that only your cat can enter the home.

5. At least two rooms

A cat likes to keep the overview and needs to be able to withdraw every now and then. That is why a cat-friendly home consists of at least two rooms and offers several elevated lookout spots. Do you live in a studio? Create a division with a room divider. Not up for that? A cardboard box will get the job done too. Cats tend to feel safe and secure in a cardboard box and like to withdraw in it for a while.

6. Toys in a cat-friendly home

Cats love toys! So a cat-friendly home cannot do without them. Alternate what toys you use and hide them in different places in the house; this is guaranteed to make your cat curious and happy.

Recommendation: get a scratching post so your cat can sharpen its nails and won’t need to use your carpet, couch or chair. You’ll find more recommendations about how to provide enough stimuli for your cat in our blog: Keeping a cat inside? Make sure you offer enough stimuli.

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