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Buying a litter box: how to decide?

The litter box is very important to your cat; after all, this is where it goes to the bathroom. A litter box is especially vital if your cat isn’t venturing out (yet). Make sure you’ve got at least one litter box before purchasing a kitten.

Is a single litter box enough?

Ideally, each cat will have its own personal litter box for pooing and another one for peeing. But not everyone has enough room available to make this happen. Make sure that each cat has its own personal litter box. If you’ve got two cats, it is recommended to have three litter boxes, but again; if you don’t have the room to make that happen, two litter boxes will suffice.

Indoor litter box

Do not place the litter box too close to the food and water bowls; cats do not enjoy the smell of their toilet while eating. If you’ve got a hallway or a pantry, these are the best locations for the litter box. Make sure the litter box is always accessible to your cat or kitten and prevent it from having to deal with a closed door when it needs to go. It is important that the litter box is in an accessible location, especially while potty training your cat.

Cleaning the litter box

Clean the litter box on a regular basis. Cats are very hygienic animals and do not like doing their business in a dirty litter box. A clean litter box also helps prevent undesirable behaviour such as spraying or peeing outside of the litter box. In order to ease the process of cleaning the litter box, you can opt for litter based on clay. This makes it easy to scoop out the faeces and you won’t need to discard all the litter every time. Use our organic cat litter.

Cat litter in the garden

Time to clean out the litter box? You can use Yarrah’s organic litter as compost for your garden. Our cat litter is environmentally friendly and free of chemicals.

A litter box with a lid

A litter box with a lid looks cleaner and prevents scents from spreading. The downside of a covered litter box is that you can’t see whether it is dirty and are more likely to forget to clean it. Some cats don’t like a closed litter box because they can’t keep an eye on their surroundings when inside. In that case, it is better to use an open litter box or keep the lid off.

Tip: do not use fragrances to give a litter box a scent that is more pleasant to you: cats do not generally like it and will seek other, fragrance-free places to go to the bathroom.

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Organic cat food chunks with fish

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Organic cat food pâté with salmon


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