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Caring for a cat, what to consider?

Proper care contributes to the health of your cat. Generally speaking, cats are champions in terms of their own hygiene, but sometimes you need to lend a helping hand. How to care for your cat? Here is our answer.

Coat and skin

For us, caring for a cat consists primarily of feeding it and changing the litter box. For the cat itself, caring for its coat is paramount. Cats can spend hours doing just that. A cat’s tongue has tough papilla which they use to clean their coat and remove dead hair. Because of the wide range of cat breeds and hybrids, it is not easy to provide a clear-cut description of what a healthy coat looks like. For example a fluffy coat is healthy in the case of a Ragdoll, whereas a Bengal should have a smooth and silky coat.

Features of an unhealthy coat

The following symptoms indicate an unhealthy coat:

  • Bald spots
  • Patched hairs
  • Tangles
  • Flakes
  • Red spots
  • Wounds due to scratching

Does your cat have any of the symptoms above? Contact your vet. An unhealthy coat or skin may have various causes. Your vet can help determine the cause.

caring for a cat

Caring for a cat: do I need to brush my cat?

Brushing is an important part of caring for a long-coated cat. Brush the coat with a special cat brush to prevent tangled patches. Short-coated cats are not susceptible to this problem, but brushing is recommended when they are shedding their coat. This prevents the cat from ingesting too much hair when licking its coat and it reduces the amount of hair floating around the house.

Do I need to bathe my cat?

Most cats do not need to be bathed, but if you do, use organic or natural cat shampoo. High-quality, pure food without artificial additions also contributes to a healthy coat and skin.

It is also important to keep the eyes, nose, ears, nails and teeth clean. Check our blog for more information about caring for a cat and the features of a healthy cat.

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