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Dog food for any age

Puppies have different needs to adult or senior dogs. This also applies to their diet, which is why there is dog food specific to each age group. We will tell you all about the different types of food for each stage of life.

Different types of dog food

There are large dogs, small dogs, young dogs and old dogs. No two dogs are the same. When choosing your dog food, it is important to keep in mind its age and size in addition to any allergies. Not surprising if you think about it, since human babies and adults don’t have the same diet either. It is important to adjust the food to your canine’s stage of life.

Food for pups

Good food is important for a growing pup. Throughout the first month of its life, mother’s milk is all a puppy needs. You can start adding other food to your pup’s diet after this stage. Once your pup reaches the age of four to eight weeks, you should be giving your puppy wet/canned food in addition to its mother’s milk. Wet food is preferred because it isn’t as harsh on the pup’s sensitive teeth. Yarrah offers special kibble for puppies aged eight weeks and older. This food is geared towards growing pups and contains all the nutrients they need. In addition to the nutrients, the grain size also distinguishes this kibble from food intended for adult dogs. Kibble for puppies consists of smaller grains, which makes it more suitable for young dogs.

We expand on the topic of food for puppies in the article: ‘What can a pup eat and drink?

Yarrah dog food for any age

Food for adult dogs

The adulthood phase comes at different times depending on the breed and even the individual dog. Generally speaking, a dog is fully grown between the ages of one-and-a-half and three years. By that time, your dog has matured both mentally and physically. Smaller dogs tend to reach adulthood a bit sooner and females also mature more quickly than males. Once your dog reaches adulthood, its needs change compared to a pup, and that includes the type of food you should be giving it. Yarrah offers an extensive organic dog food range based on the following distinctions:

  • Organic small breed dog food – kibble for small adult dogs
  • Adult dog food – kibble for medium-sized and large adult dogs
  • Grain-free, Vegetarian, Vegetarian Wheat-Free and Sensitive – kibble for dogs with specific dietary requirements, such as sensitivity to grains, a sensitive stomach or an animal protein allergy
  • Various types of canned food
  • Various alu-packs

Use the food calculator to find out the right amount of food for your dog.

Food for senior dogs

Dogs reach the senior stage of life around the age of seven. Once again, this differs for each breed and size. An ageing dog may develop symptoms such as muscle and joint stiffness: so-called age-related illnesses. It is important that a senior dog remains active. You should also adjust its diet to its age. Transition once you notice that your dog is becoming less active. This is when it will need food that is less rich in energy. Yarrah offers organic Senior food for ageing dogs. It contains ingredients such as horsetail, devil’s claw and rosehip, which help keep the muscles and joints nimble. The food contains less energy, making it more suitable for ageing dogs.

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