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How much does a kitten cost? Costs of purchasing and raising a kitten

Food, vaccinations, a basket, a litter box, toys: purchasing and raising a kitten does not come cheap . Those costs can vary greatly. What would be a reasonable estimate? We will answer the question: how much does a kitten cost?

Purchase costs of a kitten

Firstly, it matters whether or not you want a pedigree cat. A Maine Coon will set you back a lot more than a ‘regular’ house cat. In addition, where you buy your kitten makes a big difference. Kittens or adult cats offered online are often cheaper than cats purchased at a professional breeder or shelter. An indication: a house cat varies between EUR 0 and 50, a cat from the shelter will set you back around EUR 60 and a certified pedigree cat can range between EUR 300 and EUR 900.

Costs of accessories

You can’t do without the basic accessories. You’re going to need a feeding and water bowl, a litter box, a (travel) basket, a scratching post and toys for your kitten or cat. Costs vary greatly: you can opt for a simple litter box of EUR 5 or a EUR 95 luxurious, covered litter box with scent filter. Of course, a whole range of options exists in between these two extremes. On average, you’ll need between EUR 80 and EUR 200 for the basic accessories.

Costs of food

Once you’ve purchased a kitten and the basic accessories, you’re going to have to maintain your cat properly. The feeding bowl and litter box aren’t going to fill themselves, so this will involve costs as well. There is a lot of cheap cat food out there, but make sure you go for high quality. Yarrah’s organic cat food contains no artificial scents, pigments, flavouring, chemical antioxidants, pesticides, hormones or GMOs. Plus, we value animal wellbeing when producing the food. Rest assured that the food you give your cat is pure and better for your animal and our planet as a whole. You’ll find more information about Yarrah and our cat food range here.

costs of purchasing and raising a kitten

Medication and the vet

Some vaccinations and medications are a must in order to keep your kitten or cat healthy. This includes regular deworming treatment and flee medication. The costs associated with anti-parasite medicine can amount to around EUR 10 per month. Vaccinations that need to be administered by the vet cost around EUR 20 to EUR 60 plus EUR 30 to EUR 40 consultation costs. Costs of spaying or sterilising a cat may vary greatly. Spaying sets you back around EUR 60, sterilising a female is more expensive: between EUR 100 and EUR 130.

Average costs of a kitten

On average, caring for a kitten will cost around EUR 400 to EUR 500 per year. Keep in mind that this amount will be higher during the first year.

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