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Sustainable treats for your pet: what to look for

Want to treat or reward your dog or cat with a tasty snack every now and then without increasing your environmental footprint? Go for sustainable treats! You can give these treats to your pet with a clear conscience and they are sure to become a favourite. But how do you know whether a treat is sustainable or not? Here is what to look for.

Sustainable snacks for dogs and cats, here is what to look for:

  • Pure ingredients:
    The ingredients are key in determining whether a treat is sustainable or not. Sustainable snacks contain the highest proportion of pure ingredients possible without artificial and chemical additives such as colourants, refined sugars and flavour enhancers. These artificial additives are often made in factories with a large environmental footprint and are unhealthy for the animal.
  • Organic products:
    Ingredients that consist of organic products were ‘produced’ in an environmentally friendly way and free of animal cruelty. Organic meat or fish is sourced from animals that lived a natural life.
  • Quality mark
    A lot of pet treats largely consist of meat and fish. We all know that meat production isn’t sustainable, but your cat can’t do without meat. In order to make sure that a treat is sustainable, look for the Better Life quality label and the MSC label for fish. These quality marks indicate that the environment, nature and the life of the animals were all taken into account in the production process. Read all about pet food quality marks here.
  • Meat type:
    Whether a treat is considered sustainable or not largely depends on the type of meat it contains. Many dog and cat treats are made of meat that is perfectly suited for human consumption, while other meat types are being discarded because they are considered unsuitable for human consumption. Sustainable dog and cat treats are made of these residual meats or meat by-products.

    It is difficult to verify whether or not a treat consist of these types of meat. But as soon as a treat contains muscle meat, you know the ingredients could have been used for human consumption. In order to find out, it is best to look for information about the brand. The website will often state the ingredients of their food and treats.
  • Animal cruelty-free:
    Sustainable treats are animal cruelty-free. There is no need for products to be tested in dog and cat kennels, that also add to the environmental footprint. Yarrah’s products are tested by the pets of actual pet owners instead.
  • Packaging:
    In addition to the ingredients, the sustainability of a treat also depends on the packaging. Individual plastic wrappings for each treat will have a much larger environmental impact than treats that come in a single box of cardboard or other recyclable material. Yarrah mini snacks come in 100% recyclable packaging of mono-material. In addition, large quantities, e.g. for stores, are shipped in cardboard boxes as much as possible.

Keep it special

The easiest way to reduce the environmental footprint of your dog or cat, is to be economical with food and treats. Obesity is a common issue among pets, so skipping a treat every now and then certainly can’t hurt. Save your treats for special moments and contribute to a sustainable world.

Healthy and sustainable snacks by Yarrah

All of Yarrah’s food and treats are sustainable and organic. Our dog treat range consists of: chewing sticksmini snackschicken necks and vegetarian dog biscuits for large and small dogs. And for responsible cats, we offer mini snacks for cats and chewing sticks with fish.

Yarrah’s treats are organic and contain a range of vitamins and minerals that benefit your pet; a healthy addition to their regular diet!

Read all about Yarrah and its organic products here.

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