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What is the Average Lifespan of Cats?

When you bring a new kitten into your home, the end of their life is the last thing you want to think about. Nevertheless, you might want to consider the average lifespan of cats because this information could influence important decisions. Here we provide the best possible answer to the question “How old do cats get”, take a look at how to help your cat live longer, and discuss the differences in lifespan of various types of cats.

How old do cats get?

This question can only be answered by looking at the average lifespan of cats because, obviously, many factors affect how long your cat will live. On average, cats live for 14 years. About one quarter of all cats live longer while one quarter don’t live past 9 years of age.

The oldest cat in the world lived to the age of 38 and the oldest known cat alive today is 26 years old. A cat of 14 is about 80 years old in human years - a ripe old age.

When your cat gets this old they might start to suffer from various ailments and you will notice that their body is less agile. Jumping up onto surfaces, for example, becomes a bit more challenging and you will also notice that they will sleep even more than usual.

How to help your cat live longer?

There are a few things you can do to help your cat live longer than the average age. Firstly, you can reduce the risk of various health problems by having your cat spayed or neutered. With outdoor cats, this will have the added benefit of reducing the risk of accidents as they will no longer wander around looking for a mate.

Also keep an eye on your cat's vaccinations and when they need to be repeated. Ideally your cat should go to the vet for a check-up twice a year and be examined from head to toe. Cats are good at hiding any pain and discomfort and so it’s quite possible that you might miss a health problem.

Obviously a cat’s diet is also an important part of the average lifespan of cats. Always feed your cat a diet that is tailored to their age. Kittens, for example, need a lot more protein and calories than older or indoor cats.

On the product pages of Yarrah’s website you can easily select filters so that you only see the options that are suitable for your cat’s age. In addition, all Yarrah's cat food is organic and free from artificial fragrances, colours and flavours, pesticides and GMO.

You will also find a nutrition guide on each product page where you can see exactly how much you should feed your cat in grams per day. All you have to do is enter your cat's weight and activity level. Furthermore, with a combination of dry and wet food you ensure that your cat always gets enough fluids.

Does the average lifespan of cats differ between types of cats?

Some people believe that pedigree cats live longer because they are bred to perfection but this is not necessarily the case. Mainly popular breeds such as the RagdollRussian Blue or Maine Coon are often bred carelessly which increases the risk of hereditary conditions.

Pedigree cats are far more likely to be born with a genetic defect. Overall, the average lifespan of pedigree cats is slightly lower than that of ordinary domestic cats.

Another factor that plays a role in the average lifespan of cats is whether they are kept inside or not. The number one cause of death in cats is trauma, meaning that the cat is killed by a hit, fall or any other type of accident or violence. Whether they are purebred or not, indoor cats generally live longer than outdoor cats.

On the other hand, indoor cats should get enough exercise to prevent them from putting on too much weight. Being overweight will increase their risk of developing conditions like osteoarthritis or diabetes.

Make sure that you spend enough time playing with your cat and change their toys regularly. Besides providing exercise this will also prevent your cat from getting bored and then displaying undesirable behaviour.

Changing your cat’s toys doesn’t mean that you have to buy new toys every month. You can put away some toys and switch them around every now and then. By hiding some of the toys it’s less likely that your cat will get bored with a specific toy.

There are many toys for cats that don’t need you to play with them actively. For example, there are special puzzle toys you can put out at night which reward your cat with a treat. You can even make a toy like this yourself by closing a toilet roll at the top and bottom and then making holes in the sides for the treats to fall through.

So to answer the question “How old do cats get?”, it depends how well you look after them throughout their lives. However, there will also always be factors that you cannot control. Furthermore, it doesn’t make sense to choose a specific cat because they might live longer than the average lifespan of cats. Choose a cat that you feel will be best for your household in terms of their personality and the care they need.

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