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Your pet while you’re on holiday: pet hotels

When bringing your pet along for your holiday is not an option, a pet hotel makes for a good alternative. They will take care of your pet while you are away. What to keep in mind when taking your pet to a pet hotel?

Going on holiday: where to leave my pet?

We all love a good holiday. Some prefer to stay close to home, others want to travel far away. Bringing your pet along for your vacation isn’t always an option. You may be wondering what options are available if your dog or cat can’t tag along for your vacation. You may choose to ask friends or relatives to help out. Another option is to take your pet to a pet hotel or find a pet sitter for your dog or cat. This article will tell you all about pet hotels and what to keep in mind when considering them for your pet.

What is a pet hotel?

A pet hotel is a paid temporary home for your dog or cat. Pet hotels often offer daycare as well as holiday care. Some pet hotels are independent while others are associated with a shelter. A lot of shelters use a pet hotel to generate some extra income for the shelter.

How to choose a pet hotel?

Once you have decided to take your pet to a pet hotel, it is good to know what factors you should be paying attention to when choosing the right place. Firstly, you will probably try to find a pet hotel near you. Pet hotels must meet certain pet wellbeing requirements and be legally registered – always verify that this is the case. Other things to keep in mind:

  • What does the space look like? – It is very important that the space where your dog or cat will be staying, is suitable. Consider the temperature and fresh air. Also, ask whether your dog or cat will be sharing their accommodation with other animals.
  • How much attention will my dog or cat get? – Ask them how much time they will be spending with your pet. Especially when it comes to dogs, it is vital to know whether this will be just a short walk or whether they will be giving it enough personal attention and let it spend time with other dogs at a dog park. Dogs love attention and cuddles. And some type of intellectual challenge is greatly appreciated as well.
  • Is the pet hotel owner certified to care for dogs and cats? – Usually, a pet hotel owner should have a certificate demonstrating their proficiency in housing or working with animals. Make sure that your preferred pet hotel has this professional certificate.

It is a good idea to visit the pet hotel before making your final decision. This will allow you to get a good feel for what the place is like and you will get to see other dogs and cats staying at the hotel. Bring your pet along for the visit so it can get used to the environment.

Rules for pet hotel accommodation

When taking your dog or cat to a pet hotel for your holiday, you will have to deal with the requirements of that hotel. For example, all pet hotels require valid vaccinations throughout the stay of your pet. Some pensions will accept an antibody titre as an alternative, make sure to verify their specific rules in advance. Some pet hotels will allow you to bring your own pet food, subject to certain rules such as making sure there is enough for the entire stay and delivering it in a drum with your pet’s name on it.

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