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How to combat arthrosis in dogs and cats?

When your dog or cat suffers from arthrosis, it may experience a lot of pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, arthrosis is incurable. However, treatment can be effective and make life a lot better for your pet. Here are some tips for combating arthrosis in dogs and cats.

How to treat arthrosis?

Several factors affect the development of arthrosis. It is important to understand the cause of the affliction in order to determine the right treatment for your pet. Severe symptoms are often treated with medication which can alleviate the pain and avoid inflammation. Do not medicate your pet unless prescribed by a vet.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet containing the right nutrients for your dog and cat is vital when it comes to arthrosis. Obesity is a common cause of wearing joints. The extra weight puts more pressure on the muscles and joints of your dog or cat. Opt for a varied menu with healthy food and avoid obesity to prevent severe or accelerating symptoms.


Too much exercise accelerates joint wear and exacerbates the arthrosis. This should be avoided, but no exercise at all is harmful as well: it reduces the muscle mass which accelerates cartilage wear and exacerbates inflammations. This is why it is important to strike a balance. Take your dog for brief walks instead of extended walks and do some exercises every now and then. Make sure to stimulate your cat’s activity as well; for example by using a food ball or by briefly playing together. A pet physiotherapist knows exactly what exercises are good for your pet to alleviate pain caused by arthrosis. Consider making an appointment with a pet physiotherapist for your dog or cat. Your vet can provide a reference if necessary.

Senior pets benefit from treatment too

Arthrosis is often considered a consequence of ageing. However, age is not the only cause of cartilage wear. Senior dogs and cats can benefit greatly from proper treatment. You don’t have to accept the fact that your dog or cat is becoming less mobile as it grows older; treatment can reduce your pet’s pain levels regardless of its age.

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Making your pet’s life more comfortable

Arthrosis is an unpleasant condition. It can make things that used to come naturally to your dog or cat, more difficult. Such as long walks, running in the forest or climbing a tree. But getting out of their basket or stepping in and out of the litterbox can cause significant pain as well. Make their life a bit easier by opting for a litterbox or dog basket with a low entry and avoid extended walks. Consider placing a step to make it easier for your cat to get to its favourite spot. These are simple ways of improving your pet’s comfort level. Keep in mind that this will not effectively combat the arthrosis itself. Consult your vet for treatment or more information about arthrosis.

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