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Things to Know Before Getting a Cat

About 28% of households in the UK have one or more cats which makes them the second most popular pet in the country, because around 34% of households have a dog. There are many reasons why cats are popular pets but there are some things to know before getting a cat. Here you can read all about how to choose a cat, raising a kitten, cat food, and the cost of owning a cat.

Choosing a the right cat

When thinking about getting your first cat you should find out more about the personality and needs of different breeds. Some cats need more care and attention than others. On this website you can also get some information about the most popular breeds like the RagdollRussian BlueMaine Coon and British Shorthair cats.

Always consider whether a particular breed will suit your home. For example, a Ragdoll will be quite happy living indoors while a Maine Coon needs enough outdoor space. Cats with a long coat need a lot of grooming and not every cat can be left alone for a long time.

British Shorthair cats are very good with children, but the Russian Blue thrives in a quieter and more stable environment. Among the things to know before getting a cat is also that some breeds are not recommended for people who have never owned a cat before, so this is a further consideration.

The way you go about raising a kitten obviously also plays a big part in your cat’s personality. However, choosing a cat that matches your own personality will help towards creating a strong bond.

Raising a Kitten

Keep in mind that you will need to spend quite a bit of time raising a kitten once you bring them home. A kitten’s socialisation starts while they are still with the litter, during the first three to eight weeks of their life . As part of raising a kitten, the breeder should also make sure that the kittens get used to regular contact with people. This will help to prevent them from being anxious later in life.

As soon as your cat comes home with you, after at least seven weeks with their mother, the initial steps in raising a kitten is to make sure that they understand what is and what is not allowed. You can teach your kitten where the litter box is by putting them into it a few times. Most cats are clever enough to remember that this is where they must go to relieve themselves.

You can stop your cat from scratching the sofa or climbing up the curtains by picking them up and moving them to an appropriate spot, for example the scratching post. You will get the best results by rewarding good behaviour rather than punishing your cat for doing something they shouldn't. You can reward your cat with a snack, but also with soothing words or some petting.

Once your kitten is accustomed to their new environment, you can start getting them used to playing, brushing, nail clipping and travelling in their carrier. Cats that learn about this part of their care at a young age won't have a problem with these activities later in life.

Cost of owning a cat

You shouldn’t underestimate the cost of owning a cat. There is the initial price of the kitten and all the supplies you need to buy when you bring a cat into your home. Added to this is the monthly cat food and cat litter bill.

Your cat also needs to be vaccinated at 12 weeks of age, and again a year later, to protect them against feline herpes virus and feline calicivirus. Depending on the type of cat you have and whether you intend to show or breed with them, your cat might require additional vaccinations. You need to budget for at least £100.00 per year for routine annual vaccinations and vet checks

ou will probably want to have your cat spayed or neutered which will add to your cat’s veterinary costs. Furthermore, if you plan to allow your cat outside it will be a good idea to take out pet insurance.

The right cat food

Finally, the choice of cat food is an important part of your cat’s care. Yarrah's cat food is made from pure organic ingredients, which is the best choice for your cat and also for the planet.

With the filters on the Yarrah website you can indicate what type of cat food you are looking for. The nutritional needs of senior cats are very different from that of kittens. With the wrong cat food your cat could either put on too much weight or not get enough nutrients, so this is an important consideration.

To help you not to feed your cat too much or too little, you can use the nutrition guide on each product page on the Yarrah website. You only need to fill in your cat’s weight and select their activity level and it will show you how many grams of the cat food you should feed your cat per day.

All Yarrah cat food is free from artificial fragrances, colours and flavours, pesticides and GMO so your cat only gets the nutrients they need. Yarrah recommends feeding your cat a combination of dry and wet cat food, because wet food helps them to get enough fluids.

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