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A sustainable vacation with your pet

We are becoming increasingly concerned about the world around us. When choosing a holiday destination, sustainable options are gaining popularity. Below, a couple of tips for a sustainable vacation with your pet.

Sustainable vacation

Sustainability is on the rise. This is a good thing, because together we can make the world a better place. When it comes to your pet, you can strive to take care of it as sustainably as possible. We have published tips for sustainable litter alternatives in the past, and we looked at pet food quality labels and sustainable pet food options. When considering a vacation, you can take the sustainability of your trip into account. For example, consider what mode of transportation you’ll be using as well as the destination itself. Will you travel domestically or go abroad?

Sustainable destinations

It starts with the holiday destination. The most sustainable option is to stay in your own country or close to home. The motto of a sustainable vacation: less is more! For example, a camping vacation tends to have a much smaller environmental footprint than a luxurious resort. As a general rule, the more luxurious the accommodation, the less environmentally friendly your vacation. Many campsites welcome pets. A gorgeous campsite in a natural environment with plenty of space makes for a great vacation together with your dog.

Attention: some accommodations or destinations do not welcome pets. Certain rules may apply. Always check the rules at your destination and make sure you comply. Can’t find any information on the website? Contact the destination to avoid surprises.

Green Key Label

If you’re looking for a sustainable destination, keep an eye out for the Green Key label. This international quality label poses requirements when it comes to the environment and nature. Accommodations with this label are committed to sustainability.

Sustainable travel

Your mode of transportation is important as well. A cycling vacation is very sustainable but less suitable for travelling with a pet. Consider taking a train or using an electric car. Electric and hybrid cars are gaining momentum. Some even come with special accessories for travelling with a dog. Read all about it in the article ‘Bringing your dog in an electric car; what models are suitable?’ The article offers additional tips on travelling by car, such as purchasing a gangway for your dog to enter and exiting the car more conveniently.

Check out ‘Going on vacation with your pet’ for loads of useful tips and information on planning a trip with your pet!

Sustainable activities on vacation

There are plenty of things to do on vacation. However, some activities are more sustainable than others. Some examples of sustainable holiday activities:

  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Swimming in open water

These are all activities that your dog will love! Did you know that many dogs enjoy a swim to cool down on a summery day? Bring along a delicious home-made lunch and something to drink, find a nice spot by a lake and enjoy each other’s company for hours on end. Some examples of less sustainable activities:

  • Activities that involve motorized vehicles, such as quads, scooters, etc.
  • Jet skiing
  • Golf

Tip: Want to find out the environmental impact of your vacation? There are several tools available online to gain an understanding of the ‘footprint’ of your trip or vacation. Check the climate impact of your trip or holiday here.

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