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What to feed my pet? On pets and food

Your pet needs a varied diet in order to stay healthy and energetic. You might be asking yourself: “What does a dog eat?” or “What does a cat eat?”. In this article, we will tell you all about your pet and food.

The importance of good food for your pet

Good food is just as important for your dog or cat as it is for us humans. Your pet extracts important nutrients from its food, necessary for a healthy and active lifestyle. A balanced diet gives your dog or cat everything it needs to stay healthy. It is important to ensure variation, routine and the right amount. Underfeeding or an overly repetitive diet may lead to deficiencies, while overfeeding may cause obesity and associated ailments.

What is the right amount of food for my pet?

When it comes to your pet’s diet, it is important to get the amounts right. There is no rule of thumb to calculate exactly how much food your pet needs, as this depends on its breed, age and lifestyle. You may have guessed that a pup will eat a lot less than an adult dog. And a dog that is being trained for hours a day uses up more energy than a less active one. The same goes for cats. We developed a practical food calculator to make it a bit easier for you. Just enter what type of pet you’ve got, its weight, lifestyle and the type of food you want to make the calculation for. The result is a complete overview of your dog’s or cat’s daily dietary needs.

drinking cat

How much water should my pet be drinking?

In addition to providing a sufficient amount of food, it is very important to make sure your pet drinks enough water. How much water your pet will need, depends on several factors:

  • Weight: The amount of water needed, increases with the weight of your pet.
  • Lifestyle: A highly active pet will drink more than an animal that prefers to take it easy.
  • Type of food: Dogs and cats on kibble generally need more water than pets on wet food, since wet food contains more water.
  • Season: Your pet will be drinking more on hotter days than on colder days.

Want to learn more about the water needs of your pet? Check out ‘How much water does a dog drink?’ or ‘How much water does a cat drink?’. We are happy to give you some tips! In any case, it is important to refresh your pet’s water bowl at least once a day.

The right food for the right age

As mentioned above, one factor that determines the right type and amount of food, is your pet’s age. After all, a pup has different needs than a senior. For that reason, kibble for kittens and pups comes in smaller pieces. But it is also extra rich in nutrients that are especially important for young animals in order to grow up strong and healthy. Yarrah offers an appropriate type of food for every age group to give your dog or cat exactly what it needs. Examples for dogs include food for pups and seniors, as well as food for dogs with a special diet such as vegetarian or cereal-free food. And then there is adult dog food for smaller versus larger breeds. When it comes to cat food, there are lots of options as well. From cat food for kittens or cats that don’t process cereals very well, to food for cats with special needs due to sterilisation.

Organic pet food

Yarrah is committed to a green and sustainable world for you and your pet, as well as for other animals. That is why all of Yarrah’s food is organic, which means that the entire production process meets the requirements of the organic quality label by Skal. Examples are pesticide-free cereals and other ingredients, as well as organic meat. Interested in the subject? So are we! We are happy to tell you more in one of our blogs, such as:

sustainable pet food options

Sustainable pet food options

Keeping a pet is a lot of fun, but it doesn’t come without an environmental footprint. The type of food is one of the main factors, which means you can make a very conscious choice in this regard. There are certain pet food quality labels that can help, such as the aforementioned organic quality label as well as quality labels for the type of meat and fish it contains.

Did you know that kibble is a more sustainable choice than wet food? Plus, there are other choices not related to food, that can help make your pet ownership as sustainable as possible. Read all about this subject in the blog ‘How sustainable is my pet and how can I contribute?’

Snacks for your pet

We humans love a tasty cookie or some other snack every now and then, and it is OK to spoil your pet with a healthy snack on occasion. Don’t overdo it though and make sure you opt for a healthy snack. Too many snacks or snacks with a lot of sugar, may cause obesity and associated ailments. Examples of healthy and sustainable snacks include Yarrah’s mini-snacks for dogs and cats.

vegetarian dog food

A vegetarian diet for your pet

Whether your dog is allergic to meat or you’ve got a different reason why you want your dog on a vegetarian, vegan or flex diet, Yarrah offers special food that will give your dog all the nutrients it needs. Dogs can get used to a vegetarian or even a vegan diet, but not so much with cats. Cats are true carnivores. Want to learn more? Read all about it in the article ‘Why cats need meat’.

Watch out for poisoning!

Finally, your dog or cat may ingest something that isn’t good for them. Chocolate for example, is extremely dangerous for dogs and certain indoor and outdoor plants can harm your pet as well. It is good to be aware of this and make sure your garden is suitable for your dog or cat. Should your dog or cat eat something that isn’t good for them, try to apply first aid for poisoning.

Organic mini snack for dogs

Organic Puppy dry dog food

Organic chewsticks for cats

Organic dog food pâté in 3 tastes

Organic cat food pâté in 3 tastes


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